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  Colby's Clubhouse First Aired on Television: 1996
Produced by: NiteLite Ministries, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Joyful heart Music
Number of Episodes: 44
Average Episode Runtime: 30 Minutes
Categories: Drama | Children’s Television | Live Action with Human Actors | Music
Colby's Clubhouse Series Overview
Colby the Computer and his friends teach kids Biblical principles through everyday situations and song. Each episode featured original music and dance choreography. The show features music by Peter Jacobs and Hanneke Jacobs.

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Colby's Clubhouse
on VHS and DVD

Colby's Clubhouse
Series Review
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How is Colby's Clubhouse a Christian themed TV series? ADVERTISEMENT
The conflict of each episode's story is worked out using scripture and principles from the Bible, which Colby the Computer helps the kids on the show discover. All the music in the series expresses Christian values. During many episodes, the path of Salvation through Jesus Christ is explained during the story.
Colby's Clubhouse Theme Song
The theme song of Colby's Clubhouse is a song explaining the premise of the show. A montage of clips from episodes of Colby's Clubhouse are shown during the theme song.
What the appropriate age for watching Colby's Clubhouse?
Colby's Clubhouse the series is appropriate for all ages. According to the pre-show bumper produced by TBN, this show is targeted to children ages 6 to 12. Later episodes, such as "Anorexia", touch on topics that would be of interest to a specifically pre-teen youth audience.
What is Colby's Clubhouse episode format?
Most episodes have the following format (but there are exceptions):
  • The Colby's Clubhouse theme song
  • A preview of the episode by members of the show's cast
  • The main story of the episode
  • Closing Credits
Colby's Clubhouse Characters and Cast
Character:Played by:
Peter JacobsColby the Computer
Colby's Clubhouse Credits
Produced by NiteLite Ministries in cooperation with Trinity Broadcasting Network.
(See each individual review to see more detailed credits)
Colby's Clubhouse Episode List / Individual Episode Reviews
  • A Heart to Give - Part 1
  • A Heart to Give - Part 2
  • Vandella Virus Visits
  • It's Almost Christmas
  • Check Your Connections
  • The Ballgame
  • Willing for Forgiveness
  • Showing Up
  • Colby's Birthday
  • Danielle Discovers
  • Helping Beau's Grandpa
  • 50's and 60's Day - Part 1
  • 50's and 60's Day - Part 2
  • Danielle's New Clothes
  • It was Performing By Being a Kid
  • Clubhouse Inspector
  • Anorexia
  • Zane's Operation
  • Sing Along Show - Part 1
  • Sing Along Show - Part 2
  • Thanksgiving Show
  • Brett's older Brother
  • The Guys Performing A Rock Band - Part 1
  • The Guys Performing A Rock Band - Part 2
  • The Puppet Show
  • A Friendship Clubhouse
  • Jessica has to Move Away
  • Homeless Vet
  • Crystal is a Guest
  • The Popular Crowd
  • Shoeboxes
  • Worship Around the World
  • Finding your Own Special Talents
  • Camping Trip
  • Krysta's Sister has Problems
  • Basketball and Bullies
  • All Things Work Together
  • Helping Missionaries
  • Dawn's Reputation
  • Dawn's Best Friend
  • Dealing With Bigots
  • Easter Show
  • Brittany Finds a Dog
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