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  The Gospel Bill Show First Aired on Television: 1983
Produced by: Willie George Ministries
Number of Episodes: ???
Average Episode Runtime: 30 Minutes
Categories: Drama | Comedy | Puppets | Children’s Television
Live Action with Human Actors | Animals | Music
The Gospel Bill Show Series Overview
Get ready for adventures in Dry Gulch! Join Gospel Bill, Nicodemus, Elmer Barnes, Miss Lana, T.U. Tutwater and the entire Dry Gulch gang for action, adventures, mystery, and lessons from the Word of God. Also join the puppet Oogene for "At the Zoo with Oogene" where we learn about the animals that God made, along with hymns and original music from Nicodemus (Ken Blount).

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The Gospel Bill Show on DVD and VHS

The Gospel Bill Show
Series Review
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How is The Gospel Bill Show a Christian themed TV series? ADVERTISEMENT
Through the use of dramtic, old west styled stories, mixed with humor, The Gospel Bill Show teaches Biblical values and principles to children.
The Gospel Bill Show Theme Song
The theme song of The Gospel Bill Show is an instrumental song. A montage of clips from episodes of The Gospel Bill Show are shown during the theme song. A voice over announces the cast during the theme song. There are at least two known theme songs, but multiple openings with different clips for the montage.
What is The Gospel Bill Show's episode format?
Most episodes have the following format (but there are exceptions):
  • A preview of the episode
  • The Gospel Bill Show theme song
  • Act 1 of the main story
  • At the Zoo (or Farm) with Oogene
  • Act 2 of the main story
  • Act 1 Puppet Drama from the Bible (OR) an Oogene and Jeannie Mae Puppet Drama
  • Act 3 of the main story
  • Act 2 Puppet Drama from the Bible (OR) an Oogene and Jeannie Mae Puppet Drama
  • Act 4 of the main story
  • Music Video with Nicodemus
  • Closing illustrated mini sermon from Gospel Bill (Willie George)
  • Closing Credits (including scenes from the episode along with a humorous or memorable spotlight quote from the show)
The Gospel Bill Show Characters and Cast
Character:Played by:
Gospel BillWillie George
NicodemusKen Blount
BarkamaeusKeith Holey
Miss LanaLana Osborn
Elmer BarnesJeff Merrill
T.U. TutwaterDaine Demaree
Luther BedlowWillie George (dual role)
Ferman FarnsworthWillie George (dual role)
Orville CornponeRodney Lynch
Miss Trudi LouTrudi Blount
Wichita SlimKenneth Copeland
The Gospel Bill Show Credits
Produced by: Willie George Ministries
(See each individual review to see more detailed credits)
The Gospel Bill Show Episode List / Individual Episode Reviews

More information about The Gospel Bill Show >>>
The Gospel Bill Show review page updated: March 27th, 2016 @ 3:27 AM Eastern Time

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