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Why do people
quit liking each other?
An episode of the Gerbert series
Episode Summary: Gerbert and his friends get an idea to start a newspaper. But can his friends agree on who will be the editor-in-chief?
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Gerbert: Why Do People Quit Liking Each Other on VHS

Categories and Topics covered in this episode:
Puppets | Children’s Television | 1980’s | Live Action | Dealing with conflict

Why do people quit liking each other?
Episode Review
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Episode Overview
Gerbert and his friends are bored one day, but Mrs. Kaiser suggests they start a newspaper and offers to let them use her husband's copier to print. Conflict comes when Gerbert friends can't decide who will be the editor-in-chief. They each decide to start their own newspaper, but both want Gerbert to be their cartoonist. Which paper will Gerbert work for?

Lesson: Treat others the same way we want to be treated. Love the way God loves. God gives us all a choice to love. Choose to love, even if you don't feel like it.
List of lessons from the Gerbert series

The opening post card for this episode is Germany.
List of Gerbert opening post cards

The Art Time with Binney Brush segment for this episode features Binney showing how to paint trees.

The Things that Go segment for this episode is "The Bus."

The KidBits segment for this episode is titled "Up."
Characters that appear in this episode of Gerbert
Mrs. Kaiser
Songs featured in this episode of Gerbert
Gerbert Opening Theme
The Bus (Things that Go)
In the Middle
The Lord's Prayer (Kids Choir)
Good friends, wonderful friends (Season 2 credits theme)

List of songs featured in the Gerbert series
How do I purchase and/or watch this episode of Gerbert?
This episode of Gerbert is available on the VHS titled Gerbert (Special Issue) "Why do people quit liking each other?" Loyalty Conflicts. You can purchase it right here!

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Credits for this Gerbert Episode
(as seen on this episode's airing)
Credits song:
"Good Friends, Friends, Wonderful Friends"


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