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ZJ the Ball
2005 | Breakthrough Gaming | Video Game
Movie Summary: What do you get when you mix a ball who is looking for a gift to give his mom, a robot who loves to play classic styled video games, and a Christian message? You get ZJ The Ball! Help ZJ find his way back home, play some classic styled video games, and tell a little robot about God!
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ZJ the Ball

Categories and Topics covered in this movie: Video Game | Adventure Game | 2D Platform Game | 2000's | Evangelism | Sharing Your Faith | Basics of Salvation | How to Get Saved | How to be Born Again

ZJ the Ball
Video Game Review
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How is ZJ the Ball a Christian themed video game? ADVERTISEMENT
Axel is a robot that was built with a cross on his head. He wants to know what the cross on his head means. Through the game's story, ZJ the Ball shares with Axel what the cross means: Jesus Christ died on a cross to forgive the sins of the world.
What genre of video game is ZJ the Ball?
ZJ the Ball is a 2D platform video game. You proceed through different levels to get to the end, which will take you to the next level. The game's story is told as you progress through the levels.
How do I play ZJ the Ball?
ZJ the Ball is available to purchase on CD-ROM. You can also purchase ZJ the Ball as a downloadable game. ZJ the Ball is compatible with Windows PCs. You can purchase ZJ the Ball right here.
ZJ the Ball Credits
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