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Road to Redemption
2001 | World Wide Pictures | Billy Graham Evangelistic Association | 90 Minutes
Movie Summary: After loosing money they took from gangsters, Amanda remembers she has a rich grandfather who might give her the money. The grandfather will give the money on one condition: take him on a fishing trip to Redemption, Montana. Now Amanda is on a road trip to get to Montana, while the gangsters on her tail! Will everyone get what they want?
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Road to Redemption
Available on DVD and VHS

Categories and Topics covered in this movie: Comedy | 2000's | Live Action | Theatrical Release | Gambling | Learning from Older People | Evangelism | Sharing Your Faith | Basics of Salvation | How to Get Saved | How to be Born Again | Road Trip | Choosing the Right Spouse | Dealing with Making Mistakes

Road to Redemption
Movie Review
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How is Road to Redemption a Christian themed movie? ADVERTISEMENT
The basics of forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ are presented to Amanda through her grandfather sharing his Christian faith with her throughout the events of the story. Amanda has to make a choice to accept or not accept what she is hearing from her grandfather. Exerpts of a sermon from Franklin Graham are also present in the film.
What music is featured in Road to Redemption?
The group RIVER performs the theme song "Road to Redemption." Find the Road to Redemption song by River here.
How do I purchase Road to Redemption on home video?
Road to Redemption was released on both VHS and DVD on 2001. The VHS included the just the film. The DVD includes the film in widescreen format along with full audio commentary of the film with the director, a behind-the-scenes featurette, a photo gallery, a sermon by Franklin Graham (the extended version of the message that was used in the film), and trailers of other movies from World Wide Pictures. The DVD also includes subtitles and audio for the film in the following languages: english, spanish, and french.

Road to Redemption
2002 Original Release on DVD


Road to Redemption
2006 Billy Graham Presents
Re-release on DVD

Road to Redemption was also re-released on DVD on Tuesday, January 31, 2006 under the "Billy Graham Presents" brand, distributed by 20th Century Fox. Other World Wide Pictures films were re-released under the "Billy Graham Presents" brand such as Something to Sing About and Last Flight Out.
Road to Redemption Cast and Credits
Starring: Pat Hingle, Julie Condra, Leo Rossi and Jay Underwood
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