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The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's
An episode of the VeggieTales series
Episode Summary: The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s is a retelling of The Prodigal’s Son from the Bible, using the classic story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as a means to tell it. Junior Asparagus plays the role of Darby, who wants to go see the Wonderful Land of Ha’s. There’s only one problem: his dad won’t let him go, but for good reason. So, Darby decides to do what he wants to do, and goes anyway. This decision takes him on a path to a strange land and meets up with a Tin Man, a Scarecrow, and a Lion (played by Larry the Cucumber, Mr. Lunt, and Pa Grape, respectively) Is the Wonderful Land of Ha’s all it’s cracked up to be?
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VeggieTales: The Wonderful
Wizard of Ha's on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc

Categories and Topics covered in this episode: 3D Animation | Children's | 2000s | Prodigal Son | Luke 15:11-32

The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's
Episode Review
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Episode Overview
This is a retelling of a parable Jesus Christ told (as told in Luke 15 Verses 11-32 in the Bible). In this VeggieTales episode, it is used as a means to explain Biblical forgiveness. This episode included the Silly Song with Larry the Cucumber titled "Monkey". ADVERTISEMENT
Characters that appear in this episode of VeggieTales
Darby (Junior Asparagus)
Dad Asparagus
Tin Man (Larry the Cucumber)
Scarecrow (Mr. Lunt)
Lion (Pa Grape)
How do I purchase/watch this episode of VeggieTales?
VeggieTales: The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's was released on DVD in 2006. It released on Blu-Ray Disc February 18th, 2012.

VeggieTales: The Wonderful
Wizard of Ha's on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc

Credits for this VeggieTales Episode
(as seen on this episode's airing)
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